Waste Water and Sewer Coatings

Our advanced, chemical resistant, wastewater coatings are ideal for protecting existing or new sewage treatment plants, digester tanks, and underground sewer pipes & manholes.

Wastewater sewage produces hydrogen sulfide gas that contributes to the rapid breakdown and deterioration of concrete surfaces. This can lead to potential spills, increased maintenance costs, and potentially catastrophic failures.

Target Industries’ high-performance polyurea coatings provide superior protection for the Wastewater Industry. These durable elastomeric coatings form an impermeable barrier that is resistant to hydrogen sulfide gas, water, and many chemicals.

Our polyurea wastewater coatings and linings are also used to protect steel pipes from corrosion. Polyurea has demonstrated its ability to last longer than paint and maintenance services & costs are reduced.

Polyurea is a great protective coating system for pipes that are insulated with polyurethane foam. Polyureas are used to line the inside of water and sewer pipes for infrastructure rehabilitation work.


Wastewater Industry Applications:

  • Protection of sewage digesters and clarifying tanks
  • Tunnel and sewer manhole preservation and restoration
  • Protection of above- and below-ground pipes
  • Secondary containment liners for spill protection
  • Non-skid and corrosion-resistant flooring, walls, and roofs


Spray in Place Pipe (SIPP) and Polyurea Lining Systems

There is a significant part of the global wastewater and clean drinking water infrastructure that is decades past its original service life and rapidly deteriorating. This is especially the case with concrete, steel, and wooden pipes that were buried underground long ago during the last century. In the U.S. alone, there are hundreds-of-thousands of miles of buried drinking water and wastewater pipe.  The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) released a report card in 2013 that assessed the condition of America’s infrastructure.  The ASCE report card gave a school letter “D” grade for the U.S. wastewater and drinking water infrastructure. The report estimates $298 Billion will be needed over the next twenty years just to repair the U.S. wastewater and stormwater systems. The ASCE estimates 75% of this crucial expenditure will be needed to repair pipes.  This critical issue must be resolved to help protect public health for current and future generations.


POLY SHIELD HFM – SIPP/CIPP™ – In Situ Restoration of Pipes and Tanks, Including Potable Water. NSF – ANSI 61 Compliant (¼ – ½ Inch Coating Thickness).

  • We manufacture seamless, elastomeric, primary, and secondary containment liners for storage tanks, pits, and above & ground pipes.  These high-strength polyurea industrial coatings protect and extend the service life of wastewater and drinking water infrastructure. Target Industries’ trenchless pipeline rehabilitation system allows for the application of internal pipe liners in place (in-situ) or at OEM facilities. Applying a structural liner in place avoids the extremely expensive process of digging up or replacing thousands of miles of buried pipe.  This innovative process is called Spray In Place Pipe (SIPP) or Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP).


PTU™ & PTU-AR™ – Hydrocarbon, Acid, Alcohol, Wastewater, Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Resistance for Primary & Secondary Containment.

  • Target Industries also manufactures chemical-resistant, polyurea elastomers used to protect wastewater, mining, oil and gas, and petrochemical infrastructure. These cutting-edge coatings provide the industry’s strongest chemical resistance to wastewater, hydrogen sulfide gas, alcohols, acids, and other hydrocarbons.
  • Contact us today to learn more about how this amazing technology will extend their service life of your investment at a fraction of the replacement cost.

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