Sculptures and Movie Sets

Polyurea and polyurethane foam has many uses in the arts and entertainment industries.

Theme parks use polyurea coatings as a durable material to cover characters and their simulated environments. They also use polyurea as a protective coating over foam, EPS, and other structures to create ornamental building fascia, themed characters, artificial rocks, pools, and environments.
There are many uses for a movie set and theater stage design as well.

Polyureas usage is rapidly growing in applications to replace paint and fiberglass due to its fast cure and ability to reduce maintenance cycles.
On movie sets, polyurea provides a stable surface for decorative items such as artificial landscapes, stage props, art objects, and the production of plastic articles by spraying into open (one side) molds.

Polyurethane foam can be used also because of its vast versatility in on-site or studio production. Polyurethanes are used to provide physical properties for structural applications such as a boulder, facades, replication of tree bark, animals, etc.

Because it dries in second, polyurethane foam can be sprayed into almost any shape and then be carved, sanded, painted and even fiberglass coated.

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