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Water Buffalo

  • multiple fill options including hydrant, pond, and hose
  • 2″ ball or pintle eye hitch
  • centrifugal pump with 2″ suction and discharge
  • leveling jack available

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Our Multiquip WT5C Water Trailer can tackle a host of assignments to include: emergency fire response, dust control, construction agricultural support, equipment washdown, construction and more!

This mobile water buffalo features: DOT approved double-axle trailer, trusted high-flow MQ QP2H centrifugal pump, flexible suction/discharge manifold system, and 525 gallon plus polyethylene water tank.

Provide Clean Water to Your Event or Staff. Clean Up Water From Your Site with 500-1600 Gallon Water Tank Trailer. These Have Multiple Fill Options, Depending On Your Needs!

A Water Buffalo is a large water trailer used to store and transport water for livestock, farms, industrial facilities, fire prevention, and many other services. From filling up personal water bottles to hooking up to sink and shower systems, the Water Buffalo is extremely versatile.

This large water tank, made from FDA-approved resins, is stored on a transportable trailer. Rather than use a pump, the water in the tank is gravity fed to the desired location. Though the Water Buffalo does not include pumps, valves, or piping, accessories and stocks parts are available upon request.

The tanks are compliant with the National Sanitation Foundation, meaning the water is safe and readily available to drink. Tank sizes range anywhere from 500 gallons to 1600 gallons and are high-strength and impact resistant. This ensures that your water remains safe from chemicals, weather, and any other elements.

The Water Buffalo also has LED lights and is compliant with the Department of Transportation, meaning you can take it on public roadways if necessary.


Water Buffalo rental starting at $100/day. We offer daily, weekly, and monthly rental options for the water trailer.


Length: 146″

Width: 68″

Height: 80″

Weight: 1428lb


Whatever you may need a mobile water trailer for, we have you covered. If you have any questions regarding our Northwest Louisiana/Texas rental service, feel free to reach out. Our professionals at Target Industries are more than happy to advise you on safety protocols, compliance, or simply anything else you may be curious about. Contact our Shreveport office by calling 318-688-1485, our West Texas office at 432-299-3900, or fill out our online contact form here.