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Flowline Safety Restraints Rental

Flow Line Safety Restraints significantly reduce the risk of danger on oil and gas sites, preventing workers from receiving serious injuries or even fatalities. When you’re dealing with high-pressure flow lines, you want to reduce any and all possibilities of a rupture. However, oilfield industry workers are well aware of the fact that flow lines can sometimes fail. Whether it be from worn components or excessive pressure, the consequences of a flow line failure can be devastating. 

A Flow Line Safety Restraint System can help limit the possibility of costly damage, devastating injuries, and even death at your site. Whether you’re fracking, cementing, or drilling, workers can have peace of mind knowing they have a safe flow site. 

Flow Line Safety Restraints are used in both onshore and offshore applications all around the world. This system is honored by the industry for its innovation and performance. 

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Flowline Safety Restraints – Louisiana and Texas

Shackles included


The Flow Line Safety Restraints work by stringing interlocking synthetic loops along the length (spine) of the flow line. Those loops, also called “ribs,” are then attached to critical points of the flow line by use of smaller ribs. This assembly will then be anchored to a substantial structure, such as the pumping unit, for example. The ribs and spines of the restraint system work to reduce separation between lengths of temporary pipe or flow work and dissipate large amounts of energy.

Flowline Safety Restraints Features and Benefits

  • Extreme strength
  • Demonstrated effectiveness and reliability
  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Applicable for both fluid and gas pumping operations
  • Available for rental


Don’t underestimate the dangers of a high-pressure flow line rupture. Doing so could lead to devastating injuries and serious equipment damage. If you’re interested in renting our Flow Line Safety Restraints or if you have any more questions, please contact our professionals at Target Industries today. You can call us at 318-688-1485 or fill out an online form.

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