Landscape and Water Features

Landscape designers and contractors have discovered great benefits using polyurea. Polyurea forms an effective primary containment liner for ponds, fountains, and other water features.

Spray-in polyurea linings are excellent for ponds because they’re seamless, durable, flexible, waterproof, low maintenance, and environmentally friendly to fish and plants. The seamless surface prevents leaks.

When applying on dirt, polyurea is sprayed over commonly used geotextiles material. Using polyurea on geotextiles reinforces the wall and eliminates leaks through the fabric.

Polyurea not only preserved the concrete but also reduced maintenance costs because it is easily cleaned by pressure washing.

Its superior strength and elastomeric properties are needed for bridging cracks in concrete.

Aquariums and water gardens have also found great benefits with polyurea. It can form properly custom prepared shaped walls and themed ornaments. The sprayed-applied, water-resistant line is available in a variety of colors with a quick return to service installation.

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