Commercial and Industrial Rhino Lining Services

Commercial & Industrial Rhino Liner Installation

A Rhino liner is a protective coating product. It’s a leader in the spray-on lining market for industrial, retail, and commercial uses. It’s ideal for not only truck bed lining, but also for flooring and concrete. 


Rhino liners are impermeable. They conform to any shape and can be built up to any thickness. They are engineered to last. This will ensure your equipment and assets are protected from hazardous field conditions.

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The most common applications for Rhino Liners are for trucks. A Rhino liner will protect and enhance a variety of different vehicles. It will protect against corrosion, chemicals, abrasion, and impact. It will provide a slip resistant surface for both you and your cargo. Rhino Liners also dampen noise that comes from vibration and impact. They help protect the paint in a truck bed from corroding. They can also add grip to a truck bed, helping keep cargo from sliding around. Rhino liners can be applied with color match technology to make sure the spray-on liner blends perfectly with the truck’s paint. It can also help protect truck beds from UV rays to keep the paint bright and glossy. 


Rhino Liners do a lot more than protect truck beds. Rhino Liner’s rapid success led it to form specialized divisions in other industries. This includes:


  • Rhino Vehicle Protection,
  • Rhino Industrial,
  • Rhino Military,
  • Rhino Epoxy and
  • Rhino Concrete Solutions.

The cost of your Rhino Liner will depend on the application, surface area of the project, and difficulty of the application. The average cost of a Rhino Liner for a truck bed is around $500. If you are interested in a Rhino Liner for one of your commercial needs, contact us for pricing information.


Keep in mind that Rhino Liners are built to last.

Although we recommend you use a professional commercial service like Target Industries to remove a Rhino Liner, some people, with the right instruction, might be able to do it at home.


A Rhino Liner can be removed with a combination of the following methods:


  • Chemical Remover
    • There are specific chemical agents that will remove a Rhino Liner without taking off the paint of a truck bed.
    • In most cases, chemical removers are faster and more effective than hand grinding or chiseling. Aircraft stripper is the most potent chemical stripper. 
  • Wire wheel with an angle grinder. 
    • Although this approach needs a lot of patience and time, it is less dangerous.


It is highly recommended to remove a Rhino Liner while wearing a mask and gloves, and making sure the vehicle is parked somewhere with sufficient ventilation. You might also need a hammer and chisel as well as sandpaper to remove extra, stubborn pieces

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