About Target Industries

Target Industries is a leader in industrial equipment rentals. We offer cutting-edge commercial, oilfield and industrial services. Our team delivers mission-critical solutions with exemplary performance. We offer these services to customers that often operate under incredibly challenging conditions. 

Core Values

Safety, Environment, Healthy and service quality are core values for Target Industries. We have a solution for every one of your company’s needs. Our mission is to meet or surpass the standards of our customers and regulators. Second only to our commitment of keeping everyone safe and healthy is solving customer challenges.

Wherever we operate, we believe our activities should produce economic benefits and opportunities. Our professional conduct should be a source of positive influence. We are proud of our strong commitment to health, safety and the environment.

Services & Rentals

Some of our most popular services and rentals include custom secondary containment and specialty coatings. We also offer flow line safety restraints, pressure washers, safety shower/eyewash trailers. Equally popular are our cooling/heating trailers.

We can service your well or construction site with a variety of rental equipment and any of our qualified personnel.

Although we specialize in portable spill containment, we also offer:

  • Pressure Washer Rentals (3500 & 4000)
  • Safety Shower/ Eye Wash Rentals
  • Cooldown/ Break Room Trailers
  • Water Buffalos
  • Flowline Safety Restraints
  • Skid Steers (370 & 380)
  • Roustabout Labor
  • Site Reclamation
  • Pond & Liner Installation
  • Spill Cleanups
  • Non-Hazardous Waste Disposal
  • Safety Training Services
  • Safety Training Services
  • Vegetation Control (Brush cutting, clearing, and herbicidal spraying)


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Our team has the skills and vision to serve the needs of a challenging and rapidly evolving industry. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help your company surpass any challenge. 

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